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Miami Food + Drinks Worth Seeking

Learn about 11 places you should eat and drink in Miami, the flavor bridge between the U.S. and Latin America and a hotbed for NYC imports, based on my visit from July 1-4, 2016....
Coffee Miami

Panther Coffee: Helping to Remove Specialty Coffee from the Endangered List in South Florida

A Panther isn’t just Florida’s state animal or the mascot for Miami’s hockey team. Thanks to Leticia Ramos Pollock and husband Joel Pollock, the endangered species also epitomizes a coffeehouse in Miami’s Wynwood Arts...
Coffee Miami

Interview: Panther Coffee co-founder Joel Pollock

Just when it was beginning to look like Miami might be a specialty coffee desert, Twitter respondents pointed me toward the city’s Wynwood Arts District, where Joel Pollock and Brazilian born wife Leticia Ramos...