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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Calidad, Barrel-Aged + Cellador Tautology

One of the hottest non-IPA trends out there has been the rise of the Mexican lager. Corona especially, but also Modelo and Pacifico seem to grow and grow. A new player is entering this style category,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Label Design, Atomic Pumpkin + Danish Beer

The oft repeated charge that Los Angeles is a town built on looks has a basis in past experience, but in regards to our favorite malted beverage, the liquid inside a bottle or can...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

New Belgium Goat Group Pilot Batch

When The Surly Goat opened in 2010, co-founder Ryan Sweeney collaborated with Eagle Rock Brewery on Eagle Goat Bock. Sadly, producing this house beer wasn’t sustainable. The Goat Group now spans from Pasadena to...
Craft Beer Michigan

Found and Lost

Grand Rapids, Michigan has landed in Los Angeles in the form of Founders Brewing. Events have been held across the Southland to introduce the brewery’s full gamut of beers. I recently spoke with Dave...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

The Beers of Summer

This week, I am throwing all you beer lovers a change-up. With the Dodgers and Angels in full swing, I am going to recommend a few summer craft beers that you can imbibe before...