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Mourad Lahlou

Food Festival Hawaii

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival: 2013 Highlights

Food fiends flocked to the Hawaii Convention Center rooftop. Hawaii Food & Wine Festival co-founder Alan Wong said that they designed the “Taste Our Love For the Land” event to place a “spotlight on...
Chef San Francisco

Top California Chefs Name Favorite California Eating Cities

At the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, and in Los Angeles I asked 10 top California chefs, “What is your favorite California eating city other than your own, and...
Chef San Francisco

Interview: chef Mourad Lahlou (Aziza)

Mourad Lahlou moved from Marrakesh to San Francisco, and missing the cuisine of his youth, taught himself to make Moroccan classics. This interest ignited his career as a chef and restaurateur, beginning with Kasbah...
Food Festival Hawaii

Streets of Asia Lead to The Modern Honolulu at Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

“All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight.” Hank Williams, Jr. intended those lyrics for music fans and Monday Night Football viewers, but they easily could have applied to the Hawaii Food & Wine...
Moroccan San Francisco

Aziza: Modern Moroccan Chef Flashes Flavor and Flair

Over the summer, on three trips to the Bay Area, my culinary focus primarily shifted between farm-to-table and Asian restaurants, with my eye rarely resting on high end fare. However, on one Sunday night,...