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Restaurant Tijuana

La Cahua del Yeyo: Showing Some (Tuna) Fin in Tijuana

The exterior might double as a Coca-Cola billboard and the plain yellow walls don’t exactly scream gastronomy, but La Cahua del Yeyo prepares some of Tijuana’s best Sonora-style seafood. “The turtle of Yeyo” is...
Restaurant Tijuana

Mariscos El Conchal: Specializing in Sinaloa-Style Shellfish

Mariscos El Conchal might not deliver the oceanic fireworks of nearby Mariscos Ruben, but Umberto Buelna and chef-brother Oscar have still carved out quite a niche for themselves with their Sinaloa-style seafood shack in...
Tacos Tijuana

Mariscos El Mazateno: Climbing to Tijuana Culinary Treasures

The largest migrant group in Tijuana hails from the coastal state of Sinaloa. El Mazateno is a top-flight culinary ambassador for the state, a high-volume open-air taqueria located near the city’s technical college that...