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Hotel Long Beach

Fuego: Spectacular Setting and Modern Latin Food in Long Beach

A breeze was blowing in from the bay, the lights of downtown Long Beach were shimmering in the distance, outlines of palm trees were visible against the night sky and memories of thick 405...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Rivera Debuts Late Night Menu [CLOSED]

On Thursday to Saturday from 10:30 PM to midnight, Rivera now offers a late night menu, featuring food from Chef John Rivera Sedlar and cocktails courtesy of bartender Julian Cox. When it comes to...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Rivera: Presenting the Past and Future on One Plate [CLOSED]

For my first 11 years in Los Angeles, the city was largely devoid of high-end Latin restaurants, which was always mystifying given L.A.’s demographics. In the past two months, downtown has drawn restaurants like...
Chef Los Angeles

Chef Profile: John Rivera Sedlar (Rivera)

“It’s like a river going in and out of Spain, Portugal, South America, regional Mexico and the Caribbean. They’re all sort of woven together geographically, but they’re also drawn together chronologically.” Chef John Rivera...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Previewing Rivera Restaurant [CLOSED]

I first met John Rivera Sedlar on July 18 at East LA Meets Napa, a fundraiser outside Union Station to benefit AltaMed Health Services Corporation. He was dispensing cups of Donaji, an ancient Meso-American...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

CiUDAD: Sunday Tapas Bring Latin Life to Downtown Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Last time I checked in with Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, I ate lunch at their downtown Los Angeles restaurant, CiUDAD. The chefs, better known by their Food Network alter egos, “Two Hot...