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Croissant Los Angeles

Petit Trois Le Valley Chocolate Croissant

Petit Trois Le Valley is the more spacious Sherman Oaks spinoff of a Hollywood hit from chef Ludo Lefebvre, his wife/marketing mastermind Krissy, and their accomplished chef-partners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The bistro...
Chicken Los Angeles

LudoBites: Take 2 on version 2.0 at BREADBAR

At a restaurant, even at a pop-up restaurant like LudoBites, it’s important to see an evolution. The food should taste better and be more refined after several months of tinkering. My last LudoBites experience...
Bakery Los Angeles

LudoBites @ BREADBAR: Charting Experimental Culinary Course

I joined two friends at Breadbar to participate in Chef Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre‘s “eclectic culinary adventure,” available Wednesday to Friday nights from September 12 to December 21. It was a good opportunity to sample...