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Beer Festival Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Week, Strawberries + Three Anniversaries

We are now just over two weeks out from the 11th Los Angeles Beer Week. I do not expect you to attend something each night between June 15 – 23, but two key festivals...
Craft Beer Oregon

Coastal Beer, The Stalking Horse + Canadian Beer

Not to say that taprooms aren’t great, but many are stuck in locales that don’t afford views. Let’s take a trip starting here and moving north to coastal beer stops in California and Oregon...
Craft Beer Event Los Angeles

LABW9 Tips, Beavo + Rare Beer

The 2017 edition of L.A. Beer Week is coming up on June 17. I have already tried to cajole you into getting tickets for the kick-off festival in past Brew & You posts but...
Beer Ireland

Guinness Ambassador, King Swirly III + Eagle Rock Double Tap

News of Guinness planning a brewery in the United States was covered in summary last week and with St. Patrick’s Day still fresh in my mind, it is time to check in with Guinness...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

SoLArC Pilot Batch Art, an Endless Rant + Beer Belly Turns 5!

Art, music, tacos and pilot batches of beer collided in Highland Park a week ago at the MorYork Gallery. The third in the series paired the sound “experiments” of Todd Lerew with the Secret...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Crowler Sightings in L.A.

The word “Crowler” is a bit of an ungainly portmanteau. Just try to get Siri to understand what you are saying. But no matter of voice recognition difficulties will slow down the latest trend...