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Chinese Food San Francisco

Great Takeout Options to Share With Your Roommates in 10 U.S. Cities

Now that we’re eight months into a pandemic and people are no doubt burned-out on home cooking, it’s time to consider tantalizing family-style dishes and desserts from restaurants to share with your roommates (and...
Kebabs Los Angeles

Corner Cuisine Pork Kebab Plate [CLOSED]

It was only Day 8 at Corner Cuisine, an Armenian restaurant from Yerevan native Jack Amirian in the former Glendale home of Red Top Burger, and the owner was already confident. When he handed...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Raffi’s Place: A Persian Patio with Armenian Heart in Glendale

In a city like Glendale, home to the second largest Armenian population in the U.S., it can be tricky to figure out what distinguishes certain kebab houses. While kebabs are the core product, it’s...
Israeli Food Los Angeles

Itzik Hagadol Grill: Salads and Skewers at Encino Shipudia [CLOSED]

Linda Burum is a culinary marksman who does a great job of identifying excellent ethnic eateries. Her reviews recently led me to successful Indonesian food in Rowland Heights and to this four-month-old shipudia, an...
Restaurant Glendale

Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine: Gobbling Wonder Meat in Glendale

I recently learned a long-lost cousin was living only an hour away. One problem: last I knew him, he was vegetarian. Luckily, he came to his senses and started eating animals again. Meaning we...