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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Hop Varieties, UnPresidential + A Community Beer

The unstoppable train that is the IPA seems to be speeding up. At this point it is best to jump onto the bitter bandwagon and learn more about the humulus lupulus. Some great websites...
Beer Los Angeles

Hop in a New Way

This year’s Unity beer for L.A. Beer week featured Gargoyle hops. This hop sprung from California Cluster and imparts (in general) a mango/citrus bouquet. Though not grown in large acreage yet, if it becomes...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Brew(wing) a Craft Beer Pairing

Slowly but surely, craft beer is taking over.  We now use cans more frequently.  We make great pilsners (see the Beer of the Week).  Now chicken wings, once the domain of happy hours and...
Beer Ingredient

Hopslist: Helping You Make Sense of All the Bitterness

The craft beer world is awash in bitterness.  Hops are red hot and the passion does not seem to die down.  IPAs still sell like mad and now other styles are getting hoppy too,...
Top 10 California

10 Top California IPAs

It appears that the IPA (India Pale Ale) bubble refuses to burst, unless you count beers bursting with more and more bitterness with each passing year.  There are single hop, white or black, Imperial,...
Craft Beer San Diego

All About the Yeast at White Labs

My birthday gift to myself was to travel to a lab in San Diego. White Labs to be precise (on Candida Avenue, which is ironic because Candida is a wild yeast). White Labs has been a...