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Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

Temple Club: High End but Approachable in Ho Chi Minh City

In a city of excellent high-end restaurants, I had my best Ho Chi Minh City meal at Temple Club. The beautiful restaurant is located on the second floor of a yellow building, above the...
Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

Mandarine: Experiencing Déjà Vu at Grand Saigon Restaurant

The food was excellent at Mandarine in Ho Chi Minh City. One problem; the experience was quite similar to my dinner at Hoi An two nights before. Mandarine and Hoi An have the same...
Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

Hoi An: Special Meal at Substantial Saigon Restaurant [CLOSED]

Décor, presentation and flavor all converged to make this a special meal. I was led upstairs to a lovely room with dark, carved wood, substantial chairs and tables and instruments mounted on the walls....
Pho Ho Chi Minh City

Pho 2000: Slurping Soup Like a President in Ho Chi Minh City

Pho 2000, a Ben Tranh adjacent pho shop, is famous for one thing, serving Bill Clinton beef noodle soup on his visit to Ho Chi Minh City in November, 2000. Clinton’s photos were everywhere...
Market Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market: Legendary Ho Chi Minh City Swap Meet

In the back of Ben Thanh Market, a legendary Ho Chi Minh City swap meet that dates to 1912, replacing a business called Les Halles Centrales that the French built in 1870, you’ll find...
Donuts Ho Chi Minh City

Caramel Donut Man: Haunting Ho Chi Minh City, Sweetly

I had been walking the streets of Ho Chi Minh City for hours when a caramel donut man rounded the corner and walked toward me carrying a huge platter. He offered me donuts and...