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Bar Sign Pasadena

Der Wolfskopf

The beer from foreign shores has to deal with travel times and freshness issues, which is a problem, but lately, I have noticed that some beers from Germany and Europe have gotten short shrift. With...
Beer Week Los Angeles

LA Beer Week: Under New Management

The runaway bandwagon that is the Los Angeles craft beer scene has someone new at the helm of its signature beer week. The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild (LABG) will be organizing LA Beer Week...
Beer Festival Los Angeles

Bock Fest 2011

Bock beers are a classic German style that covers a wide variety. You can have a dopple or double, you can have a higher alcohol Eisbock or, to fit in with the beautiful Los...
Beer World Cup

Top 5 Craft Beer Countries in World Cup

The most watched sporting event in the world arrives tomorrow with South Africa taking on Mexico’s national team to kick off the 2010 World Cup. 32 teams will vie for the Jules Rimet trophy...
Bitters Germany

German Mixologists Deliver The Bitter Truth to U.S.

In the early days of cocktail culture, it literally wasn’t possible to produce a “cocktail” without bitters. Now the word has come to encompass a variety of categories, but bitters still remain an integral...