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Foie Gras Portland

Le Pigeon Seared Foie Gras

I’m certainly not someone who worships at the altar of foie gras, and while the fattened duck liver’s extinction from California struck me as arbitrary, my state clearly has plenty of great ingredients remaining...
Restaurant Sign Portland

Little Bird: Taking Flight at Portland-Tinged Bistro Petit Oiseau [CLOSED]

Haunting might not be the word, but when we ate at Le Pigeon in 2009, chef Gabriel Rucker left a lasting impression on our palates, with dazzling dishes like pork belly with tripe, foie...
Foie Gras Portland

Le Pigeon: Leading the West Coast, Nose-To-Tail Charge

Certain restaurants have developed reputations for nose-to-tail eating, where no part of the animal goes to waste. The most famous example has to be St. JOHN Restaurant in London. Chef-owner Fergus Henderson literally wrote...