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Food Photo Insights

The great myth about taking good photos is that you need a digital SLR. Or, that just because you have a digital SLR, you will take good photos. Hardly. Almost anyone that knows how...
Food Writer Los Angeles

How to Eat Well, or Better, in a Recession

Perhaps the most lasting image of the Great Depression was the soup kitchen line, where indigent city dwellers and citizens waited for a free meal. We all hope and pray that our government and...
Food Writer Los Angeles


I’ve had some consistency in the past few days. Consistent inconsistency. Before I get more ridiculous, I’ll preface this by saying that in the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing worse than average quality...
Landmark Los Angeles

The Greatest Food City in the World

As a sequel to my previous post, “LA Food Isn’t ____“, I’d like to take this column to discuss why I think Los Angeles is the Greatest Food City in the World. First off,...
Korean Market Los Angeles

L.A. Food Isn’t_____

A few months ago, a panel of culinary luminaries gathered at UCLA’s Hammer Museum to discuss a seminal question for L.A.’s burgeoning food scene. It was simple: What is Los Angeles Food? Apparently cities...