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Farmers Market San Diego

Hillcrest Farmers Market: An Eclectic, Seasonal Mix in San Diego

Hillcrest Farmers Market is a Sunday morning San Diego destination that dates to 1997 and now spans two blocks and runs125 vendors deep. The weekly gathering is especially strong on produce and prepared food,...
Chef Los Angeles

Market Tour with Sweet Rose Creamery chef Shiho Yoshikawa

Nagoya native Shiho Yoshikawa baked at Tartine Bakery and The Slanted Door in San Francisco before opening Sweet Rose Creamery with Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan at the Brentwood Country Mart in L.A. We...
Farmers Market Big Island

Volcano Village Farmers’ Market: Building on Big Island Magma

My first morning in Hawaii involved a drive down the east coast of the Big Island along Highway 11 to visit the Volcano Village Farmers’ Market. It was worth an early wake up call...
Salad Los Angeles

Market People: Bomb! Salads Owner Rowan Moore Gerety

A burning wick is normally a sign to steer clear, and quick, but not when it’s attached to a cabbage. The unconventional logo is just one of the off kilter ideas from Bomb! Salads...
Farmers Market Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Farmers Market, Day and Night

Most of the time, my trips are highly choreographed, driven by a researched hit-list of restaurants, coffeehouses, bars and breweries. However, an August 7 trip to Santa Barbara and its surrounding environs was more...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Pressman, Silverton and Chait Place Short Order at Farmers Market

A buzz has been building ever since chef Amy Pressman and Mozza chef-owner Nancy Silverton co-hosted a special dinner last August at Canele, where they featured a grass-fed hamburger. Silverton, Pressman and restaurateur Bill...