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El Monte

Chinese Food Los Angeles

Mr. Chopsticks Seafood & BBQ Roasted Squab

Mr. Chopsticks Seafood & BBQ may be the only Chinese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley with an on-site garden. The relatively new establishment resides in the back corner of El Monte’s Union Plaza...
Taiwanese Food Los Angeles

Ahgoo’s Kitchen Sesame Green Onion Cake [MOVED]

San Gabriel Valley strip malls are in constant flux, which can either be exciting or distressing, depending on your perspective. For years, El Monte Plaza was home to Dumpling 10053, a place that specialized...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Kim Hoa Hue: Calling Upon Cuisine of Central Vietnam

If it hadn’t been for a temporary closure due to Tet, Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebration, we would have visited Kim Hoa Hue even sooner. The prospect of a rare central Vietnamese restaurant in...
Craft Beer Redlands

Breweries in Our Own Backyard

Our beer radar these days seems to be set for extreme beers or special releases. The thrill of the chase (and the first sip) of these exotic beers can lead you to brewers from...