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Food Poll

Identifying the Most Fleeting Food and Drink

A poll on the Food GPS Facebook page illuminated an important issue facing the culinary world. Certain foods and drinks are just not built to last. Some culinary products start to lose their life...
Chef Napa Valley

Off Duty Drinking: All-Star Chefs

On July 24, Brady Lowe culminated three years of pork-fueled Cochon 555 events with All-Star Cochon, which featured 11 past winners/fan favorites and four renowned butchers in The Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Ballroom. I asked all...
Chef Los Angeles

Off Duty Drinking: Los Angeles Chefs

Buy this man Jameson on the rocks if you see him away from Rustic Canyon. I recently asked five of L.A.’s top chefs one simple question: “Where and what do you like to drink...