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Donato Poto

Fine Dining Los Angeles

Providence Wagyu Beef Cigar

It’s good to know that food can still surprise us. During a recent dineL.A. Restaurant Week preview dinner at Providence, an aspirational restaurant from chef Michael Cimarusti and front of house partner Donato Poto,...
Seafood Los Angeles

Cape Seafood Smoked Scallop Roll [CLOSED]

I get it. Lobster, butter or mayo, and a toasted roll are pretty much a sure thing. Thankfully, some restaurateurs understand that other sea creatures might also work wonders. Crab and shrimp have become...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Providence: Hunting for Buzz and Finding Refined Seafood

My cousin Jimmy visits Los Angeles once a year on business. After he’s done working for the day, we get together for dinner, and he always wants the same things: great food, high energy...