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Don Dae Gam

Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Jenee Kim (Park’s Barbeque)

In 2003, Seoul University graduate and first time restaurant owner Jenee Kim franchised Seoul’s popular Park’s Barbeque and instantly raised the cow-grilling game in L.A.’s Koreatown. She built on Park’s success by opening pork-fueled...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Don Dae Gam Spicy Pork [CLOSED]

My first experience with Don Dae Gam revealed a dynamic Korean restaurant from Park’s Bar-B-Q owner Jenee Kim. The restaurant anchors a strip mall on the sound end of Koreatown, specializes in pork and...
Korean Restaurant Los Angeles

Don Dae Gam: Dine with Dynastic Officer at Park’s Pork Spinoff [CLOSED]

It helps to have friends who can read Korean newspapers; that’s how Scoops owner Tai Kim found out about Don Dae Gam; he in turn told me and Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang, and we all...