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Fountain Claremont

Top Claremont Food + Drink

Claremont rests in the San Gabriel foothills, in Mount Baldy’s shadow, and is best known as a city of higher learning. Seven Claremont Colleges draw intellectuals and liberal arts students to L.A. County’s eastern...
Italian Food Claremont

Uno Tre Otto Bucatini (Food of the Week)

Uno Tre Otto is probably Claremont’s most ambitious restaurant at this point. The Italian hideaway from John Solana and Brad Owen, who also own a top gastropub called The Back Abbey in town, replaced...
Craft Beer Claremont

Claremont Craft Ales Farm to Foam (Drink of the Week)

Claremont Craft Ales, an industrial park brewery from business partners Emily Moultrie, husband Simon Brown, and cousins Brian and Natalie Seffer, has improved on all fronts since my previous visit. Their LED menu now...
Cinnamon Roll Claremont

Grizzby’s Bee Hive (Food of the Week)

Unless you’re a bear sporting several inches of fur, it’s generally not a smart idea to square off with a bee hive unless you’re wearing a protective body suit. Thankfully, the Bee Hive poses...
Tea Claremont

Tocaja Jasmine Green Tea with Sea Salt Cream (Drink of the Week)

Tony, wife Caroline, and sister-in-law Jasmine have run Tocaja, a “simply happy” tea parlor in Claremont Village, since 2015. The owners are originally from Taiwan, a nation with a strong tea culture. While it...
Restaurant Claremont

The Back Abbey: Taking Vows of Burgers and Beer in Claremont

A 2008 visit to Claremont seemed to coincide with a culinary renaissance that included the sleek mixed-use Packing House and a destination restaurant named Three Forks Chop House. Sadly, a fire gutted Three Forks...