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Great Los Angeles Foods for $2 or Less

No matter how you define value, whether it’s a $50 rib-eye or $10 lunch, it’s hard to argue with great Los Angeles foods for $2 or less. No, this isn’t 1985, but yes, it’s...
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Carousel: Taking Lebanese Comfort Food for a Spin in Glendale

Greg and Rose Tcholakian opened their Lebanese kebab house in the back corner of Hollywood’s Hye Plaza in December 1983, deriving the name Carousel from a popular restaurant in Beirut. Their son Mike opened...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Carousel: Taking a Ride That Never Disappoints

When considering whether or not it’s worth writing about Middle Eastern restaurants, I inevitably compare them to Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine in Glendale, and just as inevitably, ignore my keyboard. Still, other Middle Eastern...