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Band Mexico City

Cantina La Mascota: Raucous Bands + Botanas in Mexico City

People in Mexico City don’t drink like people in the United States, which is just one more reason to visit the world’s third largest metropolis. They down mezcal like it has the power to...
Bartender San Francisco

Interview: bartender Duggan McDonnell (Cantina)

Duggan McDonnell has made a big impact on the San Francisco cocktail scene. He worked at Frisson, the Redwood Room and Absinthe before founding Cantina. He’s also a historian and worked with H. Joseph...
Spanish Food Mexico City

Bar El Sella: Chic Cuauhtémoc Cantina with Chamorro Rico

On my recent trip to Mexico City with Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza, we explored a series of cantinas, some raucous, one lifeless and a third that was surprisingly refined. We communed with...