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Fried Chicken Sandwich Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fried Chicken Sandwiches Worth Seeking

We get it. Angelenos have a steady supply of pristine, seasonal produce at their disposal, but sometimes, it’s more satisfying to opt for comfort food that may not be local, organic, or sustainable, but...
Chicken Los Angeles

Who Roasts the Best Los Angeles Chicken?

A simple roast (or rotisserie) chicken can be deeply satisfying, and Los Angeles has some terrific options, including simple Peruvian-style pollo a la brasa, birds inspired by Armenian, Haitian, and Mexican cooking traditions, and...
Communal Table Los Angeles

11 Top Los Angeles Restaurant Communal Tables

Communal dining is making a big impact on America’s great food cities. Plates have become more shareable and are often served family style, so why not have the dining experience be a group activity,...
Brunch Los Angeles

Canele: Brunching in Atwater Village? What a Pain (Perdu) [CLOSED]

Back in the days when I was actually well rounded, one of my favorite things to do was grab the Sunday paper and settle into a table at a nearby café for brunch. Lazy...
Melon Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Melon

This last Tuesday we went to Canele for Amy Pressman & Nancy Silverton’s guest cheffing Burger Night. It was a prix fixe menu which began with cubed Weiser Farm Melons topped with Cowgirl Creamery...
Mediterranean Food Los Angeles

Canele: Creating Electricity with Mediterranean Specials [CLOSED]

A mob of starving food bloggers descended on Canelé’s communal table for a Mediterranean feast, including Matthew (Mattatouille) Christine (Folie à Choisauce), Kevin (Kevin Eats), Aaron (Food Destination), Fiona (Gourmet Pigs) and Danny (Kung...