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Brazilian Food Los Angeles

Sabor de Bahia Feijao Tropeiro com Couve

We return to Brazil for this week’s Dose of Vitamin P. More specifically, we traveled to Bahia by way of Melrose, where Sabor de Bahia chefs Reni Flores and Ilma Wright delivered seven different...
Brazilian Food Los Angeles

Sabor de Bahia: Regional Brazilian Cuisine on Call in L.A.

A saber tooth tiger, fangs bared, greeted us at the entrance to the La Brea Tar Pits, but his menacing grin wasn’t about to deter us from pressing forward to enjoy the culinary treasures...
Restaurant Logo Oxnard

Moqueca: Celebrating with Regional Brazilian at Oxnard Marina

For hardcore food fiends, it’s no longer enough to just serve Mexican, Chinese or Japanese food. The meals have to be tied to a particular region or state, with a laser-like focus and indigenous...
Brazilian Flag Los Angeles

Rio Brazil Café: Bossa Nova and Comfort Food in Palms [CLOSED]

It was Saturday night at a well worn Palms strip mall. Live bossa nova music filled the air, cachaca flowed like water and the tables quickly filled with heaping plates of Brazilian comfort food....
Brazilian Restaurant Los Angeles

Fogo de Chão: Eat Like a Gaucho, and Don’t Mind the Sword

Fogo de Chão originated in Rio Grande do Sul, a mountainous region in Southern Brazil, dedicated to “the gaucho way of preparing meat.” Gauchos are South Brazilian cowboys who grill meats over open campfires....