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Interview: King Harbor Brewing Co. founder Tom Dunbabin

King Harbor Brewing Company (formerly known as Coastline) is busy constructing their facility, but Founder and COO, Tom Dunbabin took the time from pulling nails out of the wall to speak with Brew &...
Beer Tour Los Angeles

Interview: beer pro Hal Mooney (L.A. Beer Hop)

I ran into Hal Mooney at Smog City Brewing while he was in the midst of a L.A. Beer Hop, so no interview then. But the very next day, Mooney answered some questions about the...
Brewmaster Sonoma County

Interview: beer pro Brian Hunt (Moonlight Brewing)

I had the blessed opportunity to chat for a long while with Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing in Santa Rosa while at this year’s Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest and he graciously is answering...