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Beer Festival Los Angeles

Belgian Beer in Hollywood, 002 Revolution + Beer Pairing Tips

There are quite a few beer festivals out there to choose from. You also usually see the usual suspects at most of them. If you are looking for something a little different, OK, a...

Spicy Beers, World’s Most Interesting Lager + Beer Pairing Book

You may have noticed a variety of beers made with peppers and spices on store shelves. The progenitor of this trend (way back in the day) was the Cave Creek Chili Beer which was...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Brew(wing) a Craft Beer Pairing

Slowly but surely, craft beer is taking over.  We now use cans more frequently.  We make great pilsners (see the Beer of the Week).  Now chicken wings, once the domain of happy hours and...
Beer Pairing California

15 Fun Facts from Brewed For Food: The Art of Beer Pairing

Goose Island, a brewery that started in Chicago in 1988 before becoming part of the Anheuser-Busch portfolio in 2011, hosted a beer pairing event at Pebble Beach Food & Wine with bites from Chef...
Craft Beer Temecula

Thanksgiving, Turkey and Beer

You may have noticed some crankiness from me in my recent homework assignment where I exhorted readers to not buy Christmas beers too early.  Part of the rancor comes from the fact that it...
Hamburger Los Angeles

Beer Pairings (and Halftime Hilarity) at Henry’s Hat [CLOSED]

You might already know that Luna Park owner AJ Gilbert and wife Martha Madison opened Henry’s Hat on July 9 in the former home of Minibar, featuring American bar food, flat screen TVs and...