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Beer Festival Oregon

Alternate Festivals, Lo-Cal IPAs + Getting Hop-adelic

The 2020 iteration of the L.A. IPA Festival landed on Leap Day this year. People judged 60 IPAs. This month Yorkshire Square Brewery hosts their annual N’Owt but Stout Festival where the darker style...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

You may have seen the dapper gentleman with the monocle on beer bottles when you have been doing your beer shopping. If you look closer, you would notice that this Altadena based brewery is...
Sour Beer San Diego

The Hidden California Beer Festival Calendar

The beer year is getting filled with more and more events, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. Some events end up being missed amongst the forest of other craft beer gatherings and...
Craft Beer Portland

Essential Beer Festivals of 2011

In last week’s column, I mentioned how the 3rd LA Beer Week not to be missed, to ensure that we don’t miss it or any other cool festival, let’s get out our new 2011...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Rules For the Beer Festival Organizer

For those with good memories, my first column was about the organic beer festival in Portland. And I have returned to the topic on other occasions because a month doesn’t seem to go by...