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Vietnamese Food Orange County

Góc Ha Noi Corner Banh Cuon Thit Cha Nuong Ha Noi

Góc Ha Noi Corner, a northern Vietnamese restaurant from Ha Noi natives in Garden Grove, debuted to end 2016. The corner space north of the 22 freeway features a stone facade, brick wallpaper, cushioned...
Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Little Sister Pho Banh Cuon

Chef Tin Vuong, business partner Jed Sanford and BlackHouse Hospitality Management recently brought their guns and butterfly decor from Manhattan Beach to downtown with the second branch of Little Sister. Vuong grew up in...
Restaurant Ha Noi

Quay Thuc Pham Cong Nghe: Banh Cuon + Kiddie Chairs

In the general sense, the walls were yellow, but they were so chipped and discolored, I couldn’t be certain. Makeshift shelves were lined with bottles of hot soda and water. It was 90 degrees...