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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

You may have seen the dapper gentleman with the monocle on beer bottles when you have been doing your beer shopping. If you look closer, you would notice that this Altadena based brewery is...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Week 2013: What’s Happened and What Will….

Craft beer fans should be in heaven by now. We’re six days into the 2013 incarnation of L.A. Beer Week and know that there is still time for some revelry around our favorite libation. First,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Re-Living BAM Fest 2012

I finally made it to my first ever BAM (Beer-Art-Music) Fest this year and it did not disappoint. We had a bevy of beers to choose from amidst the bucolic though busy setting of...
Street Sign Los Angeles

The Busy Beer Season in Los Angeles

I hope you are ready because the busy craft beer season starts soon for Angelenos. Get out your calendars (electronic or paper) and mark down where you will be imbibing over the next two...
Craft Beer Los Angeles


In my journey through the world of craft beer, I have met many fine people. In fact, I would say the percentage of warm and friendly is higher in the microbrewed world then it...