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Avocado Los Angeles

Maude Restaurant Avocado with Caviar

Maude Restaurant is the Beverly Hills jewel box of a restaurant from chef Curtis Stone. The name honors his grandmother, who appears in a photo from her wedding day on the open kitchen counter....
Cake Los Angeles

BLD California Avocado Olive Oil Cake [CLOSED]

The California Avocado Commission convened an event at BLD on March 12 to celebrate their favorite fruit, featuring chef Neal Fraser leading dish demos at the Mid-City restaurant he co-owns with wife Amy. While...
Avocado Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Avocados

Everybody knows how to make guacamole, right? Sure you do. Mash up a ripe avocado, squeeze some lime juice, season with salt and pepper and maybe toss in some cilantro, chopped tomatoes, jalapeno (seed...