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Avocado Los Angeles

Maude Restaurant Avocado with Caviar (Food of the Week)

Maude Restaurant is the Beverly Hills jewel box of a restaurant from chef Curtis Stone. The name honors his grandmother, who appears in a photo from her wedding day on the open kitchen counter....
Cake Los Angeles

BLD California Avocado Olive Oil Cake (Food of the Week)

The California Avocado Commission convened an event at BLD on March 12 to celebrate their favorite fruit, featuring chef Neal Fraser leading dish demos at the Mid-City restaurant he co-owns with wife Amy. While...
Avocado Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Avocados

Everybody knows how to make guacamole, right? Sure you do. Mash up a ripe avocado, squeeze some lime juice, season with salt and pepper and maybe toss in some cilantro, chopped tomatoes, jalapeno (seed...