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Corner Cuisine Pork Kebab Plate (Dose of Vitamin P)

It was only Day 8 at Corner Cuisine, an Armenian restaurant from Yerevan native Jack Amirian in the former Glendale home of Red Top Burger, and the owner was already confident. When he handed...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Original Kabob Factory: Turn Don’t Burn in Glendale

Garnik “Nick” Mouradian, the “heir to the throne” of a kabob empire that dates to 1940s Yerevan, resurfaced in California in the early ’70s and has taken many forms since then. According to OKF’s...
Restaurant Glendale

Mini Kabob: Small Building, Big Flavor on Glendale Side Street

Even with tiny neighborhood restaurants, there’s such a thing as critical mass. Mini Kebab is a tiny three-table restaurant situated on a Glendale side street that I visited nearly 10 years ago, inspired by...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Raffi’s Place: A Persian Patio with Armenian Heart in Glendale

In a city like Glendale, home to the second largest Armenian population in the U.S., it can be tricky to figure out what distinguishes certain kebab houses. While kebabs are the core product, it’s...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Mantee: Subbing Lebanese Oasis for Studio City Guitar Shop

Earlier this year, 10962 Ventura Boulevard housed a tired guitar shop, an even less dynamic office space and a weed-filled back patio, but Hrag Darakjian somehow saw the potential. Darakjian, who goes by Jonathan,...
Church Los Angeles

Montebello Armenian Food Fair & Fest

Montebello’s Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Cathedral hosts the Armenian Food Fair & Fest on June 6. Several Armenian specialties are available, including flame-licked beef, chicken, pork or lamb kebabs, served with rice pilaf, salad...