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Top 10 California

10 Great California Holiday Ales

20 days until Christmas. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy the full spectrum of California holiday ales from California breweries. In the festive spirit of the winter holidays, instead of tasting notes, I offer...
Craft Beer California

California’s Best Beers at GABF 2013

Despite the tantalizing temptation to taste rare or otherwise not-available-locally beers from the other states, I made it a point at this year’s Great American Beer Festival to sample the wares of the Golden...
Holiday Ales

A “Special” Craft Beer Christmas

Christmas and the Holiday season are a great time to surprise people with gifts.  There is nothing better than seeing that look in their eyes as the wrapping paper comes off and the wow!...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

A New Chapter

This past Sunday Congregation Ale House opened another chapter for craft beer in Los Angeles by reviving the old Crown City Brewing space in Pasadena. Hearty souls braved the tree limb strewn streets and...
Christmas Beer Orange County

‘Tis the Season (Part Three)

Winter is my favorite time of the beer year. Pun-tastic names abound and brewers really throw together big, flavor-filled beers unencumbered by a particular style. I have even seen a peach/pecan mash-up! Here are...
Craft Beer Oregon

A Spirited Debate

There I was, at Blue Palms Brewhouse, in the middle of American Craft Beer Week and I was seriously mulling skipping the beer for the evening and ordering a cocktail. Before you cry sacrilege,...