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Bartender Los Angeles

Interview: Bartender Brady Weise, Malt Cocktail Maven (1886)

Brady Weise grew up in L.A. A marketing job with Yellow Tail Wines took him to Tokyo, where he became a believer in Japanese hospitality. He returned to California and started down a bar-lined...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Take the Tour at Ladyface Ale Companie

On the first Monday of each month, you can go behind the scenes at Ladyface Ale Companie with their monthly brewery tour, led by brewmaster David Griffiths. If you have taken a tour of...
Bartender Los Angeles

Top Selling Cocktails at Los Angeles Bars (Part 2)

I asked 8 prominent L.A. bartenders one question: “What’s your best selling cocktail, and why do you think that’s the case?” Their responses provide insight about both clientele and bar programs, just as they...
Bar Crawl Los Angeles

Blogger Bar Hop Careens Through Hollywood, Los Feliz, Pasadena and Downtown on the Trolley of Death

Caroline on Crack founder Caroline Pardilla’s e-mail arrived on December 28, enlisting a crack group of cocktail commandos to join her and “L.A. cocktail ringleader” Aidan Demarest on a bar crawl. It was the...