Cocktail Madrid

Bar Cock Gin Tonic (Drink of the Week)

Spain’s national cocktail has become the Gin Tonic, and in Madrid, a great place to order one is historic Bar Cock. Emilio Saracho opened the bar on a Chueca side street in 1921. Perico...
Sausage Madrid

Casa Victor Morcilla (Dose of Vitamin P)

Cava Baja is a destination street that winds due south of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. At night, people spill out of bars and restaurants, which all have different specialties. Wood-roasted lechal (baby lamb), cones of...
Seafood Madrid

La Castela Chipirones Encebolladas (Food of the Week)

“Oh, baby!” The high energy-server wearing glasses with diamond-shaped lenses shouts this every time he delivers a plate at La Castela, a raucous tapas bar with serious food located due east of Madrid’s Parque...