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Italian Chefs Los Angeles

Valentino 40th Anniversary Dinner Recap

Sicily native Piero Selvaggio, a man known for his consummate hospitality, celebrated the 40th anniversary of his landmark Italian restaurant, Valentino, on November 14. He included colleagues old and new in the blowout 40-dish...
Italian Food Los Angeles

“Authentic Italian Food” Gets L.A. Spotlight

“Authentic” is a hot button word that’s been known to inspire debate among food purists, but that didn’t stop The Italian Trade Commission and Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West from hand picking six L.A....
Italian Food Los Angeles

Valentino Vin Bar: Making Selvaggio Vision More Approachable [CLOSED]

12 years ago, when I first moved to L.A. and Zagat still played a part in my decision making process, Valentino was a restaurant to aspire to, consistently topping the red book’s ratings. Piero...