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Restaurant Los Angeles

Joe’s Falafel: Transcending Universal City Tourist Traps

Universal City, a bridge neighborhood that connects Los Angeles proper with the San Fernando Valley, is surrounded by movie studios and draws tourists in droves to the hilltop theme park and amphitheater. For the...
Bar Logo Los Angeles

Brew & You on McG’s and Karl Strauss

We beer geeks can be creatures of habit. We find a bar that has comfy chairs and, rotating tap list, and knowledgeable staff and we just keep going back. I am here to keep...
Restaurant Universal City

Sheraton Universal Retools Restaurant and Bar

Sheraton Universal has revamped their restaurant and bar and now features California’s Restaurant and In the Mix, an Art Deco-inspired lounge. The redesigned space features booths and banquettes overlooking the pool, retro leather chairs...