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Holiday Beer

Thanksgiving Ales, 8th Anniversary + Two Burbank Openings

Thanksgiving is one week away. So what beer should you be popping the cap on with the bird around? Before my suggestions, you need to look at the food that will be on the...
Craft Beer Temecula

Thanksgiving, Turkey and Beer

You may have noticed some crankiness from me in my recent homework assignment where I exhorted readers to not buy Christmas beers too early.  Part of the rancor comes from the fact that it...
Thanksgiving Beer

Beer on the Thanksgiving Table

I am not going to give out a bunch of recipes for your Thanksgiving or Christmas tables. I can whip up some great toast or ok stuff out of box with directions but creating...
Wine Pairing Los Angeles

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings from domaineLA + Froma

Traditional Thanksgiving dishes bring a unique set of challenges to wine pairing. Lucky for us that two L.A. based wine experts share their suggestions. domaineLA is a recent Melrose outgrown of Jill Bernheimer’s two-year-old...
Caterer Los Angeles

Silverlake Wine: Giving Thanks at Gastro Friendly Shop

On October 12, Silverlake Wine hosted a special Sunday tasting featuring food from up-and-coming chefs Matthew Poley (savory) and Tara Maxey (sweet) of Michael’s on Naples and Heirloom LA catering. They prepared a sumptuous...
Bakery Pasadena

Syrian Thanksgiving From Old Sasoon Bakery

Tired of gnawing on dried-out, flavorless turkey for Thanksgiving? Joseph Geragosian and his family are offering a Syrian solution. Old Sasoon Bakery in Pasadena is stuffing 20-pound gobblers with savory rice pilaf, ground beef,...