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Sri Lankan Food Los Angeles

Apey Kade Gothamba Rotti Fish Meal

To call Sri Lankan food an endangered species in L.A. would be an overstatement, since there have never been more than a handful of that nation’s restaurants in the first place. However, the west...
Sri Lankan Restaurant Los Angeles

Priyani: Potent Sri Lankan Food in Northridge Strip Mall [CLOSED]

The menu was a jumble that didn’t provide much direction, but since we were eating at the tail end of a forgotten Northridge strip mall, we didn’t mind. This worked out for the best,...
Sri Lankan Restaurant Anaheim

Wadiya: Sri Lankan Taste of Paradise Near Disneyland [CLOSED]

In January, Food GPS commenter Big T. tipped me off about Wadiya, a Sri Lankan restaurant in the shadow of Disneyland that claims to offer a “taste of paradise.” Tarzana’s Curry Bowl delivers the...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Curry Bowl: Rare Sri Lankan Food Ignites Tarzana [CLOSED]

Over seven years ago, when I moved to Los Angeles, there was a Sri Lankan restaurant in Hollywood on Wilcox called Chamika, which was supposed to be amazing. Of course by the time I...