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Craft Beer Orange County

Firkfest Redux

Avoiding the sophomore slump was no problem for Greg Nagel of OC Beer Blog as his second Firkfest in Anaheim’s Farmer’s Park was as good (if not better) than the first event. To backpedal...
Craft Beer California

Craft Beer Mergers and Acquisitions

Chicago and New York. Oregon and Washington. Where will ABInBev and their craft beer mergers machine next turn their gaze? It could make for a fun parlor game. It has come to light that...
Craft Beer

Fired Up About the Word Craft

There is a new scourge upon the land, and it is the word “craft.” What that means for beer fans in Los Angeles, I will get to later. First a little historical backstory, when...
Capital Building

Lawful Beer: California Assembly Bill 2010 + Bill 2004 Impact Brewers

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in Sacramento does not stay in Sacramento. And that will be especially true if two bills wending their way through the political chambers of the state capital pass, in...
Sour Beer San Diego

The Hidden California Beer Festival Calendar

The beer year is getting filled with more and more events, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. Some events end up being missed amongst the forest of other craft beer gatherings and...
Craft Beer California

California’s Best Beers at GABF 2013

Despite the tantalizing temptation to taste rare or otherwise not-available-locally beers from the other states, I made it a point at this year’s Great American Beer Festival to sample the California’s best beers, chiefly...