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SPQR: Honoring The Senate and the Roman People in SF

Nate Appleman is my kind of chef. He’s incredibly talented. He and Wine Director Shelley Lindgren already own A16, a rock-solid Marina district Italian restaurant. More important, he’s supremely committed to pork products. The...
Restaurant San Francisco

A16: More Casual and Even Meatier at Lunch in the Marina

In 2006, my family convened for a soulful Italian meal at Shelley Lindgren and Chef Nate Appleman’s Marina district restaurant. A16, named for an Italian autostrada, was so popular that we were relegated to...
Restaurant San Francisco

A16: Soulful Italian Cooking Near San Francisco’s Marina

A16, named for the Italian autostrada that runs between Naples and Canosa, occupies a long, thin space in the trendy Marina neighborhood. There’s a small wine bar up front, with co-owner Shelley Lindgren’s hand-picked...