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Banh Mi San Jose

Banh Mi Oven #1 Cold Cut Combo (Dose of Vitamin P)

San Jose is the city with the most Vietnamese-Americans outside of Vietnam, over 100,000 people according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Given that fact, it figures that their Little Saigon food scene is so...
Restaurant Sign San Jose

Gulzaar: San Jose Middle Eastern, Indo-Pak + Afghan Mish-Mash

Don’t let Gulzaar‘s worn look dissuade you. This is indeed a House of Full Flavor in West San Jose. A native South African opened the restaurant in 2007, featuring Halal Pakistani cuisine. In 2012,...
Coffee San Jose

Red Berry Coffee Bar [MOVED TO LOS ALTOS]

Converting people to the wonders of specialty coffee in large cities has clearly been less of a challenge. The Mission district alone has several compelling coffeehouses in San Francisco, and Greenwich Village is similarly...
Sugar Cane Juice Bar San Jose

Nuoc Mia Ninh Kieu: Featuring Sugar Cane in a Food Court [CLOSED]

My trip to Vietnam in 2005 left a lot of indelible images, including a walk through a series of back alleys in northern Ha Noi that led to a man hand-cranking a sugar cane...
Restaurant Sign San Jose

Vung Tau: Savoring the Flavors of Southern Vietnam

In “Highlander,” the 1986 movie starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, the writers made it very clear “There can be only one.” However, that adage doesn’t hold true in the case of Little Saigon....
Donut Cake San Jose

Psycho Donuts: Tasty Fried Dough That Puts Sanity to the Test

If you’re a fan of restraint, Psycho Donuts probably isn’t for you. Jordan Zweigoron and Web Granger’s eye-popping donut shop, situated in a Campbell strip mall, makes Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut seem like a childish...