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Bartender San Francisco

Interview: bartender Yanni Kehagiaris (Nopa + Nopalito)

Just like his predecessor at Nopa, Yanni Kehagiaris got his start with Cheesecake Factory and later charted a more crafted path. He was on a “veritable bartending dream team” at Bourbon & Branch before...
Bartender San Francisco

Interview: bartender Neyah White (Nopa)

After hearing a certain bartender’s name enough times, it becomes clear that they’ve earned the respect of the cocktail community. That was the case with Neyah White, who was lauded by Erick Castro and...
Restaurant San Francisco

Joe Keeper’s San Francisco Bar Crawl: Nopa

I often compare fine cocktails to fine sushi. A fine cocktail is exquisite and full of flavor nuances that explode on your pallet. The ingredients should be fresh, well prepared, and the whole is...