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Karl Strauss

Craft Beer Huntington Beach

Riip, New and Old Collaboration + Karl Strauss DTLA

We return to Huntington Beach after last week’s visit to the latest Beachwood Brewing to check out Riip Beer Co. on the corner of PCH & Warner Avenue. The beer geek statisticians out there...
Craft Beer Temecula

Long Craft Beer Weekend in Temecula

San Diego may get all the ink and L.A. gets our local love but there are other thriving craft communities out there to check out. One of them is Temecula, with a population of...
Beer Festival Los Angeles

L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Festival Takes Over the Rose Bowl

Three years ago, an event that started in a parking lot with only three breweries and a couple of food trucks has now grown to 80 total vendors and moved to the Rose Bowl...
Craft Beer San Fernando Valley

10 Great Places to Drink Craft Beer in the San Fernando Valley

For the first craft beer guide of 2014, I have broken up the list for the sprawling San Fernando Valley into groups of two so as to cover as much ground as possible while...
State Flag

Welcome to California (Beer)

Before the craft beer revolution, the beer world didn’t move much. Weeks and months would pass before anything interesting would happen. In fact, most news involved another regional brewery being taken over by a...
Bar Logo Los Angeles

Brew & You on McG’s and Karl Strauss

We craft beer geeks can be creatures of habit. We find a bar that has comfy chairs, a rotating tap list, and knowledgeable staff and we just keep going back. I am here to...