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Bridge New York City

Chasing Beef Brisket in the Big Apple: Finding New York City’s Best Texas BBQ

Three months have passed since my Manhattan burger roundup, allowing me enough time to recover from beef overload before commencing another piggish challenge: finding New York City’s best Texas BBQ. I got a taste...
River Texas

Top 5 Texas Hill Country Barbecue Joints

My father attended grad school at the University of Texas in the late ‘60s, long before urban sprawl began encroaching on the surrounding Hill Country. Amazingly, many of the same restaurants that were available...
Restaurant Sign Texas

2008 Texas Hill Country Barbecue Bender

My father attended grad school at the University of Texas in the late ‘60s. Every spring, my father, brother and I converge on Austin to gorge on barbecue, driving through nearby Hill Country to...
Barbecue Event New York City

Big Apple BBQ Block Party: Smokin’ Hot in Madison Square Park

I could smell smoke from almost a block away. It was the good kind of burn, unmistakable. Barbecue. The fourth annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party took place in Madison Square Park, a three-by-one...
Barbecue New York City

Hill Country – New York, NY

No need to go to Texas anymore for BBQ. It’s right in the heart of Manhattan at Hill Country, an easy six block walk from Penn Station. What they’ve accomplished is amazing. I’ve had...