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Intelligentsia Venice Hiring and Training

When Intelligentsia Venice opens in early March, the cutting-edge coffeehouse will staff 9 baristas, 4 barbacks and 3 dishwashers. Intelligentsia Director of Innovation Kyle Glanville already hired Christopher “Nicely” Abel Alameda from Seattle’s Espresso...
Coffee Los Angeles

Intelligentsia Venice Preview and Photos

In December, I reported what to expect from Intelligentsia Venice. Last Friday, Intelligentsia Coffee Director of Innovation Kyle Glanville led me on a tour of the Venice construction site with barista Ryan Willbur and...
Coffee Los Angeles

Food GPS Exclusive: Intelligentsia Venice

Intelligentsia is at the forefront of the American coffee movement, demonstrating a nearly unrivaled farm-to-cup commitment. In 2007, Doug Zell’s Chicago based company established an L.A. presence by opening a coffeehouse at Silver Lake’s...
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Intelligentsia: Opening Pandora’s Specialty Coffee Box

A couple years back, I began discussing coffee with a writer who was very particular about his beans. He said he couldn’t stomach any of the coffee in Los Angeles, opting to ship beans...