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Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: LAMILL Coffee founder Craig Min

LAMILL Coffee was one of the forerunners of specialty coffee in Los Angeles. A 20-year-old Craig Min took over a company that his father started, rechristened it in 1999, and has built LAMILL into...
Coffee Los Angeles

LAMILL Beer, Wine, Sake and Expansion

LAMILL Coffee, the mold breaking Silver Lake coffee boutique/restaurant from Craig Min and wife Jean Shim-Min, just added beer, wine and sake last weekend. Craig Min discussed the list, and said that they know...
Coffee Los Angeles

LAMILL Showcases Cup of Excellence Winners

September 19, LAMILL Coffee CEO Craig Min sat down at his coffee bar to discuss their current initiative: showcasing Cup of Excellence coffees. Over the past two weeks, LAMILL has released three Cup of...
Coffee Sign Los Angeles

LAMILL Coffee: Artisan Coffee in Mid-Century Colonial Setting

Between the openings of Intelligentsia and Craig Min’s new “coffee boutique,” Silver Lake is suddenly ground zero for caffeine in Los Angeles. LAMILL Coffee was originally supposed to open in October, but with a...