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Chef Los Angeles

Thomas Keller’s Go-To Restaurants in Los Angeles

Before Thomas Keller opened The French Laundry in 1994, he was behind the stoves in Los Angeles at downtown’s Checkers Hotel. He maintained a connection with the city and in 2009, returned with Thomas...
Sausage Los Angeles

Angelini Osteria Grilled Blood Sausage (Dose of Vitamin P)

While researching my dineLA article on organ meats, it became clear that Gino Angelini takes offal seriously. His tableside veal kidney, served Tuesdays at Angelini Osteria, is well worth the $20 investment, and the...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Angelini Osteria: Responding to Wake Up Call at Italian Standby

I ate at Angelini Osteria in early 2002, not long after it opened, and remember really liking the hearty Italian comfort food. When my girlfriend’s boss and his wife invited us to join them...