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Wine Bar Los Angeles

The Wine Detective team helps "clients uncover truth about their wine experience/taste/preference."

Alan Markie and wife Violetta bring Wine Detective to Pasadena’s Commons Plaza with longtime friends Lev Gertsik and Yulia Meltser. The two couples are hoping to open their wine bar and lounge by early July in the former home of Spa 180. Markie said the name reflects their efforts “to help our clients uncover truth about their wine experience/taste/preference through trying the wines they would otherwise not have an opportunity to try.”

The Wine Detective will dispense one-ounce pours from 48 different bottles via Enomatic. You’ll find 16 white wines and 32 reds that fall into three categories:

1) “Wines that are too expensive for you to buy a whole bottle, but you can afford to try an ounce or two.”
2) “Inexpensive value wines that you would want to buy to take home with you, but you can try them first, and decide for yourself, instead of relying on the store clerk’s advice.”
3) “Story wines – notable winemakers, trendsetters, etc.”

Since The Wine Detective doesn’t have a formal kitchen, their bites will be limited to small plates, cheese and charcuterie.


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