What Magazines Do Chefs Subscribe To?

Chef New Orleans

Susan Spicer balances Lucky Peach and The Week on her magazine rack.


Kelly Liken (Restaurant Kelly Liken)

Garden & Gun, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Transworld Snowboarding, Outside magazine. Most everything else we read online.

Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water, Central Kitchen + Salumeria)

Because we have a test kitchen, we actually subscribe to most culinary magazines. We have a library in the test kitchen for all the cooks, so we actually do it for all the cooks. There are very few magazines we don’t get up there.

Francois Payard

The most interesting magazines for me are from Australia right now. I like Donna Hay, I like Australian Gourmet. In America…everybody doesn’t want magazines anymore. Everybody wants iPad, but it’s great when you go on vacation and you go on the beach with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, whatever, and you have a magazine. The e-mail, the phone, it’s not the same thing…A piece of paper sometimes is good too. I’m not old fashioned, but kind of.

Richard Reddington (Redd + Redd Wood)

Food Arts, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Conde Nast.

Jonathon Sawyer (The Greenhouse Tavern + Noodlecat)

Every food publication you can imagine. Time Out New York, Time Out Chicago, New York Times magazine, New Yorker, Saveur, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Martha Stewart. We probably have, literally, 25 subscriptions we get to the restaurant every month. There’s a pecking order to the magazines too. I go first, and then Brian Goodman, my chef-partner, he gets every magazine second. From there, it sort of delineates to all the cooks. Also, New York Times, Imbibe, Draft magazine, Wine Spectator. I’m trying to think of a guilty pleasure. Paper magazine, I love reading. Nylon, I love reading.

Susan Spicer (Bayona + Mondo)

I subscribe to Lucky Peach, and at the restaurant, we get all the food magazines, a lot of food and travel magazines. And I also get The Week. It’s kind of a weekly news capsule.

Rick Tramonto (Restaurant R’evolution, Tramonto Steak and Seafood, Osteria di Tramonto, RT Lounge)

Rolling Stone. Heavy Metal. I’m a big heavy metal guy. Food Arts. Food & Wine. Time Out Chicago. Chicago magazine. New Orleans magazine. Time Out New Orleans.

Geoffrey Zakarian (The Lambs Club, The National Bar & Dining Rooms, The Water Club, Ocean Blue)

I subscribe to every magazine. I’m a junkie. I love all of the Vogue international magazines. I love Sud Ouest and all the French architectural magazines. I like Tyler Brûlé’s magazine, Monocle. I read The Economist. I read Reason, which is a Libertarian think tank magazine. There are so many more.


Joshua Lurie

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