Week in Pictures: Cacao, Queso, Ceviche + More

Udon Hawaii

10/3/11 - Amy Sherman of Cooking With Amy directed me to Jimbo, where "Jimbo" Motojima prepares house-made udon noodles in 39 hot and cold, soup and dry variations. My pick adjoined kakiage, a tempura-fused cake of chopped vegetables and shrimp.

Every week involves a seemingly continuous stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Discover some highlights from October 3 – 9, 2011, some of which will help to fuel full posts.

Scone Hawaii

10/3/11 – When we left the KCC Farmers Market on Saturday, our tour guide pointed out Diamond Head Market and praised their scones, which are locally famous. Little did we know that she’d bring a box of scones on our North Shore farm tour two days later. Blueberry scones are best known, but my preference was banana, with soft, sweet fruit, and a sticky, muffin top-like texture.

Chocolate Hawaii

10/3/11 – Before Waialua Estate processes their 70% dark chocolate, they have to have to slice open the pods and process the cacao. We got a raw taste on their farm. with sweet mucilage surrounding bitter seeds.

Vietnamese Food Orange County

10/5/11 – My college friend Brad was in Anaheim for an IT convention and he snuck away to join me for Vietnamese food at Thanh My, one of the better late night Little Saigon dining options. Our meal included rice with vermicelli, pork, shrimp and quail egg, cooked in a sizzling pot.

Food Event Tijuana

10/7/11 – Our kickoff for Baja Culinary Fest led us to Mision 19, where Julian Cox, Joe Panarello, John Sedlar and Kevin Luvande joined host autor Javier Plascencia in preparing a marathon 10-course meal alongside noted Mexican chefs Angel Vasquez and Pablo Salas.

Cheese Tijuana

10/8/11 – At Saturday’s Baja Culinary Fest tasting pavilion, one of my first bites was of a quesadilla involving three local Quesos Sta. Brigida cheeses: plain, herbed and tomato, from a woman with a family that’s been making cheese for 45 years.

Mexican Food Taqueria

10/8/11 – One of the aspects that’s made Tacos Salceados so compelling is their accompaniments, which not only includes grilled scallions and chiles gueros, but also their deluxe salsas, which during our latest visit included peanut, almond, tamarind and habanero.

Taco Tijuana

10/9/11 – One of the reasons Baja is garnering so much attention is their incredible seafood, and El Mazateno piles it into corn and flour tortillas. One of the tacos that hit our communal table starred local marlin.

Chef Tijuana

10/9/11 – Our Sunday tasting tour concluded at Erizo Cebicheria, the second latest venture from chef Javier Plascencia. He recently expanded his ceviche concept to include a seafood market, which is where he inspected a geoduck clam.

Chef Tijuana

10/9/11 – Tijuana tour organizer Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA Bill Esparza finally took a breather before we boarded the bus to join Javier Plascencia for a photo at Erizo Cebicheria.


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