Top Los Angeles Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Los Angeles


10. The Tasting Kitchen Wings: At The Tasting Kitchen, a young, hungry crew of Portlanders, including chef Casey Lane, took Venice’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard by storm in 2009. It was a pleasant surprise to find chicken Wings ($15) on the ambitious Italian-influenced Californian menu. Lane flavors blistered, grilled wings with tangy apple cider. He showers the sticky pile with flax seeds and shaved scallions.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

11. Tasty Dining Griddle Cooked Chicken Wings: This grey-walled restaurant located in a San Gabriel strip mall specializes in “griddle cooked” Sichuan dishes. Griddle Cooked Chicken Wings ($19.99) arrive on a tabletop grill, loaded with cauliflower, dried chilies, fresh green and orange chilies (seeds intact), potatoes, garlic, crunchy bean sprouts, fibrous celery, and ginger strands all garnished with cilantro and sesame seeds. The wings and complementary ingredients rest in a pool of savory oil that left my lips and gums with some serious residual burn. Insider Tip: from 11 am – 3 pm, it’s possible to order “small” griddle cooked dishes for $9.99.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

12. Tuning Fork Gastropub Char Siu Chicken Wings: This Ventura Place hangout from Joseph Kuras and Martin Heynen features skylights and decorative paintings, craft beer taps in steady rotation, and chef Jay Bedassie’s comfort food. Wings ($9) come slathered with either chipotle or char siu. Go for the latter, which are sweet, spicy, and sticky, with the flavor vaguely reminiscent of Chinese char siu roast meats. The wings are plated with tangy ranch dressing, crunchy pepper strips, and pickled red onions.


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